Are you searching for a FedEx truck for sale? A FedEx truck is a step van, also known as a walk-in van, a popular business vehicle that can be used in various businesses. The step van is a versatile vehicle that is easy to operate, with a customizable interior, and is a compact size that will help you drive through small roads.

Learn more about the businesses that have found it helpful to own a step van.

Delivery Services

The design of the step van allows easy access from multiple entry points to get packages quickly and efficiently. The ample cargo space of the step van also provides room for various packages and products. The height of the step van allows drivers to stand and walk comfortably without risking injuries.  

Food Trucks

A step van can be customized to a food truck. Step vans range between 12 and 30 feet in length which helps to let you pick the right size van that will suit your business needs. Step vans also offer ample space, which is needed for the food service equipment.

A food truck also provides mobility to take the business to customers at various venues.

Mobile Store

Take your small business or e-commerce business on the road. Customize the van’s interior into a store for customers to shop through, or customize the interior to fit your business needs.

This option helps to save you money on a more conventional brick-and-mortar store. Additionally, you will be conveniently taking the business to customers.

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