Do you want to know if new or used Ford trucks are better for your business? Our Ford dealership team in New Castle, DE, has done the research for prospective buyers to help make their decision easier. Here is what you need to know.

Advantages of Buying a New Ford Truck

Buying a new Ford truck has many advantages to choosing a used pickup. A new truck means it comes equipped with the latest technology and features. It also most likely comes with a warranty, resulting in coverage for potential repairs and necessary maintenance.

Advantages of Buying a Used Ford Truck

Choosing to finance a used Ford truck also comes with advantages. The prices of used trucks are significantly lower than those of new trucks, resulting in a lower insurance rate for most trucks.  

This also results in more Ford truck options in various trims, resulting in finding the truck with the features and packages you want or need. Trucks are built to last and handle heavy-duty towing, off-roading terrain, and intense labor.

Additionally, the depreciation of a used truck is far less than a new Ford pickup truck; if you decide to sell the used truck at any point, you won’t lose a significant amount of money in the transaction.

If you choose to purchase a newer used Ford truck, it may still be covered under its warranty, but if it’s not, there are possible available extended warranty options available.

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